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sign language for everybody

Cara Baker Ortiz, MEd


Babies & Family

Your baby will be introduced to signs, gestures, and mouth movements in a safe and familiar environment with parents and caregivers.

ASL Instruction

I am available for lectures, guest talks, support for growing ASL programs, youth ASL foreign language education, and adults seeking language learning.

Signing Solutions

I provide support and resources for young families in need of advocacy for their children, for individuals with exceptionalities, or for adults seeking signing solutions later in life. 

Baby Brown

“We completed 9 personalized sessions at home, and Brown was signing and talking by 7 months of age! Cara made learning sign language so fun and easy! It’s really remarkable how much my baby retained and uses every day. It’s really amazing to see how smart he is and how he has the ability to communicate with me without words. We have much less whining, and confusion, and he is able to tell me exactly what he wants with signing!”

Jani from Germantown, TN



“My son not only learned sign language but enjoyed having interaction with other adults and babies.  Cara Ortiz provided meaningful sensory, cognitive, and social games, songs, and signs that were fun and showed a deep understanding of connecting with babies!”

Lizzie from Memphis, TN

Welcome to My Classroom!

My driving beliefs are that ASL is for everybody and learning is a life-long joy. We are simply better together! I aim to create a fun and approachable class dynamic for students at any age. My passion is bringing my classroom to you. 

I support young families, adults seeking language learning and signing solutions later in life, and individuals with exceptionalities. I am available for lectures, guest talks, support to growing ASL programs, youth wanting to learn ASL as their foreign language, and families in need of advocacy for their children.

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